UVN-700-1 plant

The installation allows to weld the outer surfaces of the rollers of continuous casting machines of all known CCM manufacturers. Surfacing is carried out in order to ensure the required durability both during new production and during repairs of CCM rollers.

  • The maximum weight of the welded part is 3 tons.
  • The maximum length of the part is 3500mm.
  • The diameter of the welded outer cylindrical surfaces of parts is from 80 to 390 mm.

To increase the productivity of surfacing, the unit is equipped with two welding heads. The delivery set includes technological equipment for fixing and simultaneous surfacing of two CCM rollers (for roller structures made of several parts).

A common beam is used to move the two welding heads. Welding heads are equipped with motorized calipers for moving the torch up and down, an electrode oscillation system (oscillations) with smooth regulation of the amplitude and oscillation period, the duration of the burner delay at the extreme points of oscillation.

The speed of the longitudinal movement of the head during surfacing - 3 ... 60 mm/min, marching - 6000 mm/min. The maximum oscillation speed of the burner is 6000 mm/min. The oscillation stroke length is not less than 40 mm. Vertical travel speed 1.8…3600 mm/min.

The displacement of the burner from the zenith by ± 80 mm to ensure the correct formation of the welding bead is carried out by a mechanized drive.

The drive faceplate of the welding manipulator is equipped with a four-jaw clamping chuck for fastening parts, the faceplate is additionally equipped with a cone for centering parts. The speed of rotation of the faceplate with smooth adjustment of the rotation speed in the range of 0.2-4.5 rpm. The faceplate is protected by a protective cover to ensure the safety of work.

The surfacing unit is equipped with a tailstock with a cone for centering parts such as axles. The tailstock, depending on the length of the welded product, moves along the guides in the frame with the possibility of fixation.

To hold and facilitate installation and removal of the product, two supports are installed on the frame. For surfacing products of various sizes, the position of the support surface of the stops is adjustable in height, and the stops themselves move along the guides in the frame.

The installation allows to perform surfacing in various ways, depending on the customer's requirements for welding consumables to ensure the necessary durability of CCM rollers and economic efficiency.

Welding method:

- submerged, in a shielding gas environment and an open arc with flux-cored wires with a diameter of 1.6 ... 3.6 mm,

- submerged, in a shielding gas environment with solid wires with a diameter of 1.6 ... 4.0 mm.

The welding wire feeder ensures the welding wire feed speed - 0.2 - 10 m/min. Welding heads are equipped with a device for feeding and straightening the wire at the outlet of euro drums 250 kg and spools 15 ... 25 kg.

Welding torches are water-cooled, equipped with a water-cooling unit.

The surfacing unit is equipped with welding rectifiers providing 100% duty cycle at 1000A welding current.

The unit is equipped with two flux recirculation systems, including bunkers for spilling flux and crust from parts. The flux chute has a mesh to separate the flux from the crust. After separation from the crust, the flux is transported to the feed hopper thanks to a pneumatic system. The flux recirculation system ensures that there is no emission of flux together with air into the environment of the surfacing plant room.

The unit is equipped with a discharge ramp for connecting 2 cylinders. The ramp is equipped with gas heaters with power supplies and gas reducers with flow meters.

The control unit of the surfacing installation is made on the basis of controllers, servo drives and frequency converters. Provides smooth adjustment of the parameters of the welding mode.

Parameters displayed on the control panel: current, voltage, wire feed speed, deposition rate linear, deposition step, oscillation amplitude and speed, burner delay time at the extreme points of oscillation. "Hot", i.e. in the process of surfacing, editing parameters (surfacing speed, surfacing step, oscillation amplitude and period, burner delay at the extreme points of oscillation, welding modes) from the remote control.

The unit is equipped with a portable control panel.

The installation software allows to perform surfacing along a helical line (in a spiral), with annular beads with a periodic shift by a step, single and wide-layer beads with oscillation.

The unit is equipped with a welding aerosol removal system - filtering units, air ducts and receiving funnels located near the burners for effective removal of welding aerosols.

The unit is equipped with protective screens against welding arc radiation.

The unit is equipped with transparent welding curtains to protect against arc radiation around the perimeter of the unit.

  • Surfacing unit UN-3000-2 provides an increase in the productivity of CCM roller surfacing from 7 kg/hour to 14 kg/hour compared to equipment equipped with one welding head.
  • The number of deposited rollers increases by 1.8 times.
  • Savings in personnel costs with round-the-clock operation of the installation will amount to 2100 hours per month due to the use of surfacing of rollers with two welding torches.
  • Possibility to use all methods of surfacing - in shielding gases, submerged arc, open arc, which allows you to control heat input and choose the most economical combinations of surfacing materials.
  • The possibility of using flux-cored wires and wires of solid section with a diameter of 1.6 to 4.0 mm, which allows surfacing in a wide range of welding modes and various diameters of the working surfaces of CCM rollers.
  • Possibility of surfacing caster rollers with narrow beads, wide beads with burner oscillations, surfacing on a screw with overlapping beads and with an interval between the beads, which ensures the implementation of almost all known surfacing technologies and customer requirements

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