Equipment for railways and subways

Charger-discharge device ZRU 30-120
Designed for controlled discharge and charge of batteries of rolling stock of railways and batteries of subway trains.
Current calibrator KS3×380/2000-6
Current calibrator for adjustment of installations of power current relays of KS3 × 380 / 2000-6 rolling stock
Current calibrator KT230 / 6-200
Current calibrator for regulation of installations of power current relays of rolling stock KT230 / 6-200.
The device for extrusion of rivets
Riveting device
The device for riveting of rivets
Apparatus for dismantling of (what?) TIR-01
It is intended for removal of the (what?) prepared for dismantling, and also installation and riveting by preheated rivets, the repaired or new (what?) at repair of railway cars.
The device for stretching of springs 273C
Designed for restoration of the drawing sizes of springs in carriages of freight cars of rolling stock of the railway.
The device for stretching of springs 216D
Designed for testing of springs of carriages of freight railway cars, for the purpose of the definition of degree of wear and suitability of springs for the further operation. The stand is made on the basis of the hydraulic single-rack press, the P6320B model with force, 100 kN (10 ts).

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