Will execute in the shortest possible time:

  • maintenance and repair of welding equipment
  • repair of inverter welding machines
  • modernisation and repair of welding equipment and devices, contact welding machines

We will make repair of welding sources of a direct and alternating current, for welding:

  • artificial electrode
  • an electrode that does not melt in argon
  • semi-automatic in CO2
  • mixtures of gases (VS, VD, VDU, VDM, VDG, UDG, VDUCH, TDM, TDK, STSh) and the mechanisms giving to them, as well as import analogues, inverter, executed on technologies with the use of IGBT-transistors
  • air-plasma cutting plants

We give a guarantee on the repaired knots.

We will select welding technology according to the technical task of the customer, we will specify a method of welding a product according to state standard.

To perform the selected welding technology, we will develop the set of standard mechanical welding equipment, if necessary, we will develop and manufacture special equipment and facilities. At the request of the customer for the development of a new set or special mechanical equipment the already existing welding equipment can be used. In the manufacturing process, perform repairs and make the necessary changes to the design or wiring diagram of this equipment.

Vibration treatment is used in cases where annealing is economically impractical or impossible due to the size of the product.

Vibration treatment allows to stabilize the geometric dimensions of the products after machining. The technology reduces product processing time and energy consumption compared to annealing.

We have equipped a workplace for vibration processing, which will allow vibration processing of medium-sized welded products and demonstrate the capabilities of vibration plants.

Products made of cast iron, black and stainless steel, duralumin products (hulls of modern boats) are usually treated by vibration. After stabilization, a printout is issued, which shows a graph of the impact of vibration on the product and the consequences of its impact.

At large dimensions of products departure of our expert to the enterprise where there is a product which is subject to stabilization is possible.

We help to choose the necessary method of surfacing to restore the geometric dimensions or to strengthen the surface.

Our company has the practice of using standard methods of surfacing, such as arc under the flux layer with solid wire, flux-cored wire, solid wire in a carbon dioxide environment. Also, our company has mastered the technique of induction surfacing, when a powder is applied to the surface, which is further melted on the surface of the steel product by high-frequency currents (HFC), forming a thin, wear-resistant layer of metal.

We will develop the necessary set of equipment on the basis of the standard mechanical welding equipment, if necessary and at the request of the customer with the use of already available equipment.

We are working out the technology.

Design and manufacture of complexes using the technology of induction heating (HFC) and air-plasma spraying.

It is possible to complete sets of equipment that provides the necessary parameters from the customer’s set of equipment. Replacement in installations of this type of machine generators with modern ones, using thyristors and IGBT transistors. We will make high-quality repairs with a guarantee. Will develop and product the necessary inductor.

We perform start-up and adjustment works.

We will develop the project and make the necessary mechanical welding equipment.

We will select the welding equipment for a complete set of automatic lines for the production of tanks and large tanks, pipes of various diameters, frame designs with various weight loading, beams of various profile and standard sizes, irrespective of the degree of automation.

We perform start-up and adjustment works. At a complete set of lines, the option of modernization and the subsequent use of already available equipment can be considered.

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