The device of contact seam welding MSh-3205

Welded materials:

  • low-carbon steels (without coating);
  • stainless steels;
  • titanium alloys.

Design features:

  • The axes of the welding electrodes (rollers) are located at an angle of 8 degrees to the horizon line. The design of the car allows to carry out welding on flanging. Since the planes of the rollers have an inclination, during welding their front planes do not touch the vertical walls of the products (tanks), and also allow to weld the weld in the cavity.
  • The drive is located on the lower roller, which allows you to significantly unload the upper (movable) brush assembly and move away from the complex mechanics to transmit torque to the movable roller.

To control the welding current, a thyristor contactor KT-12 with water cooling is used, which is controlled by the RKSM contact welding regulator. Speed ​​control is controlled by a DC drive. Electrodes (rollers) are made of high-quality bronze BrHTsr1 (made in Germany). This material has high electrical conductivity and hardness.

We have developed a convenient remote control for the welding operator, which is displayed in the work area and allows you to control the welding current, welding speed, as well as enable debugging mode (no current).

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