Surfacing plant

For fastening of a detail, its rotation, installation at the necessary angle (to an axis of rotation), in installation welding universal rotators of the M11010 or M11020 models, depending on the set task can be used. Rotary is equipped with a brush for transfer of welding current to a moving detail that allows not to interrupt the process for the reinstallation of wires "MASS".

A tripod was developed to secure the welding torch or head and to move them. It allows you to move with the required step or speed along the axis of rotation, manually setting the distance from the soldering iron to the welded surface. Motorization of a horizontal axis (In), perpendicular to an axis of rotation is possible. This allows you to perform surfacing of parts where it is necessary to weld grooves, slots, coils, pre-installing them in the right direction at the right angle.

The installation is completed with the welding equipment at the discretion of the customer.

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