RKSM contact welding regulator

RKSM allows to replace blocks:

  • RVI series - 501, 702, 801 (production of the plant "Electric" in St. Petersburg);
  • RKS series - 502, 601, 801;
  • KKS unit (manufactured by SELMA plant in Simferopol), which differed in problems during operation.

Connecting the RKSM unit to the circuit of contact welding machines is similar to connecting RKSM units, without any changes. For other units, we provide on request the additional transition plait with the necessary connector.

The regulator provides the following operating modes:

  • modulation (a smooth increase of the leading edge of the pulse);
  • full-phase current mode;
  • welding mode: series or single;
  • operating mode without current (debugging);
  • welding current stabilization mode;
  • indication of the supply voltage of thyristor contactor;
  • indication of welding situations;
  • indication (LED) of operating modes;
  • output activation indication;
  • programming of control of work of 4 executive devices (valves or relays);
  • programming of polling parameters of 3 inputs (except pedal);
  • protection of outputs of control of executive devices from KZ;
  • built-in memory for cycle parameters and welding modes, consists of 16 elements;
  • possibility of use for a point (6th or 8th position) cycle, and suture.

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